Saxophone Sonata
Park Lane Group Concert: Charlotte Bradburn and Adam Caird
[11th January 2001, Purcell Room, London]
The Times
15 January 2001

No dainty noises with the saxophone. Bradburn showered us with hot licks, breathy moans, clicking keys. After a jazzy warm-up from Caird's own Williamsburg Bridge, Gary Carpenter's Sonata offered a delicious showcase with its hurtling rhythms and fat dollop of blues in the centre.

Takashi Yoshimatsu's Fuzzy Bird Sonata was another high-flying delight; Joe Cutler¹s recent piece Urban Myths spun its notes pleasantly.
Bradburn's blazing virtuosity was matched too, by Caird's piano accompaniments.

It cannot be easy keeping pace with molten sound rushing out of a sax's mouth, but Caird made it seem so.

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