Brief Encounters: Doggone
Five short operas, Battersea Arts Centre
Spectator (Excerpt)
4 September, 1999

A walk up Lavender Hill to the Battersea Arts Centre was amply rewarded by a company founded two years ago, Tete a Tete. Using three singers and three instrumentalists, they did five short operas, being given their world premieres, and joined together by music called, predictably, 'Glue'.

...the next piece, Doggone, had the famous EMI logo to focus our attention on the relationships, at any rate some of them, between war and music. Gary Carpenter's brilliantly skilful blend of marches, bugle calls and patriotic songs, with an equally effective text by Simon Nicholson, once more made a point in brief compass that could have been, almost certainly would have been, dispersed if made at full theatrical length.

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