Dr Garfield Snixon's Flea Circus

Dr Garfield Snixon's Flea Circuswords: Simon Nicholson
music: Gary Carpenter

Dr Garfield Snixon bass baritone
Flo' The Flea soprano

choir 1, choir 2, training [junior] choir. instrumental ensemble

1. March 7. Battle Of The Fleas, pt. 2
2. Dr Snixon's Blues 8. The Perfect Specimen
3. A Wandering, Travelling Flea 9. The Gallant Little Flea
4. Washington Whitesocks 10. Flea-nale
5. Battle Of The Fleas, pt. 1 11. Flea Christmas
6. Black Rats  

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Flute/piccolo Horn
Oboe Trumpet
English horn Trombone
Clarinet/bx clt/Eb clt ad lib
piano/celeste harp

Percussion 1: Xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, tam tam, maraccas, chinese opera gong, flexatone, claxon, duck-decoy, mouth siren, tubular bells, castanets [traditional if possible], sandpaper blocks, triangle
percussion 2: Traps [kit]

Violins 1 Violoncellos
Violins 2 Contrabasses

for further information, contact: fleacircus@garycarpenter.net

* Notes to the choir leader
- Occasionally, broken voices [BV] are stipulated. This is an option. Similarly, there may be other moments where you may wish broken voices to sing alone - feel free to do so!
- You may also wish to sub-divide groups or use smaller ensembles - The Wandering Travelling Flea (no3), for example, would provide ample opportunity for this.

 © 2000 Gary Carpenter