Gary and his works feature on the following recordings

as conductor:
The Orchestral Music of Billy Mayerl
as co-arranger /
keyboard player:
John Harle's Silencium
as producer:
Havergal Brian's 17th and 32nd Symphonies
as pianist:
Crossing The Border with the Steve Martland Band
as arranger:
3 Cole Porter Songs for Joanna MacGregor
Ravenous - soundtrack album
I Will Wait For You (title track) Lesley Garrett
as composer:
Saxophone Sonata
(Simon Haram - On Fire).
Une Semaine De Bonté
(Quartz Saxophone Quartet - Faces)
The Lamplighter
(Vacation Chamber Orchestra, Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir, etc - Xenophon Kelsey)

 © 2000 Gary Carpenter