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Gary Carpenter
Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator

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18 April 2012


Piano Trio (2011) short listed for RPS Award 2012 in the Chamber Composition Category

Cadenza Music
Gary is now published by Cadenza Music and represented by David Wordsworth

Listen to the Piano Trio with the Fournier Trio here or to hear other works, visit Soundcloud.

British Composer Awards

Azaleas for harp, violin and 'cello won the British Composer Award 2006 in the chamber category.

Azaleas was first performed in Venice in 2004 where it received a Victor Salvi Award. Its British premiere was on December 6th 2005 at the Bankside Harp Gallery, London with Katie Flannagan (harp), Il Young Chae (violin) and Kirsten Jenson ('cello).

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